Alidropship Vs Shopify: The Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Dropshipping Business

Setting up an ecommerce website can be daunting and especially difficult for Nigerians because of the very few options of platforms available. Chosing the right ecommerce platform to use for your dropshipping store can be quite a stressful process, I know because I have been there. This post will help you decide on which platform is better for your store by comparing the pros and cons of using ALIDROPSHIP vs SHOPIFY for your dropshipping business.

First of all, let’s take a look at Alidropship;

What is Alidropship? Alidropship is an ecommerce company which focuses in providing automated solutions for running a profitable dropshipping business with aliexpress. The Alidropship plugin helps a dropshipper setup a dropshipping store easily on the wordpress platform.

Here’s why you should consider using the Alidropship plugin for your store;


  1. Easy to Setup: Alidropship enables you set up your dropshipping store easily. The plugin allows the user to import products in a click from Aliexpress website. It also allows the user to make edits to a product and start selling in no time. Alidropship also offers other plugins to help a store owner drive sales and make profit from a store even as a novice dropshipper.
  2. Affordable One Time Payment: Alidropship offers its users a very affordable one time payment option. With Alidropship a dropshipper can setup a store and start running a profitable dropshipping business with as low as $89. Although Alidropship also offers other more expensive packages, anyone working on a budget can still dropship using Alidropship.
  3. Great Customer Service: Alidropship offers quality customer service to its users. Their chat service and email is available 24/7 to help customers solve whatever issues they may have encountered while using their plugin.
  4. Limitless Number of Orders: Once your store is up and running the next step becomes fulfilment of orders. With Alidropship store owners can make a limitless number of orders. As long as those orders keep coming you can sell as much as possible!
  5. Flexible integration with Payment Gateways: One of the hardest parts of setting up a dropshipping store easpecially for Nigerians if finding a payment gateway that supports payments both in dollars and naira in Nigeria. Fortunately, Alidropship works with various payment gateways and a few of those support making nad recieving payments in Nigeria.


  1. The Alidropship basic plan requires that you have some basic knowledge of how to setup your store on wordpress. Have no fear, even if you have no knowledge of this, there is Google.
  2. If you want a custom made store with little hassle setting it up, then you have to pay about $300 which is more expensive.

Now for Shopify;

What is Shopify? Just like Alidropship, Shopify is also an ecommerce platform that allows anyone to set up and run an ecommerce store conveniently. Shopify helps its users automate their dropshipping stores using its tool Orbelo. Here’s why you should consider Shopify for your dropshipping store;


  1. Easy Setup: The Orbelo tool makes it so easy to set up a dropshipping store with Shopify. You can build a full functional store in just hours.
  2. Automatic Hosting: With Shopify you don’t need to worry about hosting, the platform takes care of your hosting and all other nitty-gritty of store creation like domain name generation.
  3. Excellent Customer Service: Orbelo provides 24/7 equality customer service.
  4. Payment Gateways Flexibility: Shopify integrates with numerous payment gateways, Paypal and Stripe being the most popular. If you are a dropshipper in Nigeria you can find a good number of payment gateways you can use for your store on Shopify.
  5. Uptime Guarantee: As a store owner you want to ensure that your website is always running. Shopify keeps your store available, even when maintenance is being done, it lasts only for a short while.


  1. Monthly Reccuring Fees: Many dropshippers find the monthly recurring fees to be quite unfavorable. Most dropshippers begin dropshipping because of the promise of low capital investment, therefore the fees can be a put off especially when the store is not making profit.
  2. No 100% Ownership: Shopify reserves the right to resind the ownership of any of its dropshipping stores at any time. This does not happen often but may happen when a store is selling illegal items.

In conclusion both Alidropship and Shopify are good ecommerce platforms that provide useful solutions to dropshippers. If you want a budget friendly tool, then Alidropship will be perfect for you. However if you prefer a more tailored hassle free all-in-one dropshipping solution the Shopify is your best bet. Happy dropshipping!

Author: Blaise Ezeokeke

Blaise Ezeokeke graduated with First Class Honours in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He is the Lead Content Creator at the Centre for Migration Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. His debut novel, Last Declaration, exposes the strategies and methods of Nigerian internet scammers and drug traffickers in Malaysia, which country has since become an operational base for these criminals. Blaise is the President of Nagouna International, a business consulting, retailing, internet marketing and project management firm based in Abuja, Nigeria. He loves to share his knowledge to help young Africans advance financially. Email him at:

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