Nigerians affiliate marketing step by step guide

One of the easiest ways people make money on the internet is by bringing people together with the products or services these people want to buy. They earn a certain percentage of the money paid. This is what Affiliate Marketing is all about.

Affiliate Marketing is a beautiful way to create passive income (my favourite income type, where you do the work once and earn continually from it, even while you sleep).

As Nigerians, we always get the short end of the stick when we seek to earn legitimately from the internet. From Paypal not allowing us to receive payment to many people not wanting to deal with you.

With affiliate marketing, we overcome some of these challenges. Once we have built a followership and some credibility, we can earn through affiliate marketing. This is the reason I want to share these step by step guide on how to make money through affiliate marketing in this new year, 2021.

Let’s go head on!

First things first!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is linking a buyer with someone else’s product or service. You earn a part of the money paid or what we call commission.

Many people link buyers and products every day. Land agents or car marketers are easiest examples. You convince a person that a product or service is good, the person buys this product or service for some amount. The seller of this product now shares a part of the money paid with you for bringing this customer.

For example, I tell you that Bluehost is the best web hosting platform for your website hosting. If you believe me and host with Bluehost, they will share a percentage of the money you paid them with me.

This is affiliate marketing.

I will spare you jargons and formal definitions. Once you get my point, we are good.

How does Affiliate Marketing work, really?

If this was the question in your mind, then we are getting somewhere, hopefully.

I will be detailed here. So, it can worth your while.

There are two ways you can do affiliate marketing

One: With a website

Two: Without a website

You can engage in affiliate marketing with a website by having a blog or a business website. This is the method we are discussing in this tutorial. It is the most sustainable. It is not the easiest but it is the one that can pay you for longer, if not forever.

The other is through channels like Youtube by making videos. This is easier to build audience and cheaper as you simply post your video on Youtube and include referral links in your description. However, if there is any change in the service or product, you can’t update the video. You MUST make a different video,

For a website, you can easily edit and be up to date and continue to earn your kudi (money).

As I said, our tutorial is on website for today.

Therefore, Nigerians, your step by step guide on how to make money through affiliate marketing in 2021.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

How does Affiliate Marketing work, really?

Step 1: Find Your Niche

Step 2: Get a Website

Step 3: Build Your Audience

Step 4: Register in Affiliate Programs

What is an Affiliate Marketplace?

Step 5: Choose the RIGHT Affiliate Program

What Affiliate Payment Methods can be received in Nigeria?

Now, let’s get deep into the step by step guide how to make money through affiliate marketing as Nigerians.

Step 1: Find Your Niche

It may sound a cliché, but it is the secret that can turn a newbie blogger to success, faster. You practically cannot be about everything, Remember the saying, jack of all trades and a master of none.

People should associate you with something. When your website crosses people’s minds, what pops up in their mind about you?

Here is what I mean. You decide on what your website or blog should be about. It can be about mobile phones, baby care, music reviews etc.

You can engage in more than one niche. Only, ensure they are related. For example, I can write about affiliate marketing and forex, they are all ways to earn on the internet as a Nigerian with little capital.

Step 2: Get a Website

This may sound too obvious. But you need to get a website.

And you need your website to be right.

This is the foundation to your affiliate marketing success. If you get it right, you will blossom.

If you have any fault here, you will never make progress, until you come back to fix here.

You can create a website by yourself or you can get someone to help you.

I actually created my own website, even though I am not the techy type. Internet has saved my life. Yes.

So you need a domain name and you need it hosted. And then you integrate WordPress. Voila! You have a website. Tweak it to the functionalities you want.

I will create a tutorial on how anyone can create a website in three hours.

Before my tutorial comes, you can pay someone to design a website for you. People are in places like Fiverr waiting to help you out with little payment.

Step 3: Build Your Audience

You have defined your niche and you have a website to go with it.

Welcome to the world of blogging.


Despite all the other names people call it. Content creating, tutorial, coaching etc, I call it blogging.

My dear, blog like hell. Blog like your life depends on it.

Write, write, write.

This is where you solve the problem of the people reading you.

Interact with them. Reply their comments and ask them what they would like to read from you next.

Share your articles in other platforms and get audiences there too: LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora etc.

Create a community of readers who will go on a journey with you.

Mind you I have not mentioned “money” yet.

These, ground work are necessary to stand you in a good position to earn.

Step 4: Register in Affiliate Programs

This is where we talk the real game.  The money!

Here, based on your niche and your target audience, you register with the products or services you want to market to people.

There are two methods to this registration, you either register directly with the individual product or companies.

The second part is the registration with Affiliate Marketplaces.

What is an Affiliate Marketplace?

An Affiliate Market Place is a one-stop collection of various products and services that offer affiliate programs. What this means is that a single site can list numerous affiliate programs which you can join from there.  

In this case, you register with these affiliate marketplaces such as Clickbank and ShareASale and then pick the products and services that appeal to you.

On the other hand, you can reach out to the individual company’s affiliate program and register with the firm or with the product/service.

For instance, you can register with Amazon Affiliate and offer their products and services to your audience.

An affiliate marketplace enables you to compare the various affiliate programs. You can check what percentage each pays, what tier of contact etc.

You can register with affiliate marketplaces and still register with individual affiliate programs you fancy that are not in the affiliate marketplaces.

Step 5: Choose the RIGHT Affiliate Program

I made this a different step from the Step 4 above because of how important it is for you as a Nigerian Affiliate Marketer.

Of course, you need to choose products and services that are within your niche and which your audience are most likely to click on and have a closed deal.

It is also a given that you choose affiliate programs that pay a considerable percentage of the sales amount. Yet you need products that are not overly expensive so more people in your audience can afford it.

Unless you are targeting the high-ticket audience, you do not want to market products that are way above what most of your audience can afford.

NOW FOR NIGERIANS, you need to pay extra attention to the affiliate programs. You must check what their mode of payment is?

You know, generally, you cannot use your PAYPAL to receive money in Nigeria. Yet, PayPal is the number one payment choice for majority of these affiliate programs.

Even though there is a technical way to get around this PayPal issue and be able to receive, it is not what you as a beginner will be advised to get into. I will write in detail how you can use PayPal to receive money in Nigeria, later.

For now, you need to make sure the affiliate program you are engaging in offers payments options that can be received in Nigeria.

What Affiliate Payment Methods can be received in Nigeria?

There are three ways you can get paid your affiliate commissions which you can receive in Nigeria.

One is Direct Transfer. They call it wire transfer. In this case, the money is paid directly into your Nigerian Bank account.

Two is Check payment. Some affiliate programs offer checks which is mailed to you either monthly or when your money has reached a certain threshold.

You receive the check and cash it in the bank.

Three is Payoneer. Payoneer is a payment gateway that has solved Nigerians internet earning challenges. With Payoneer, an account is created for you in US, UK and in other important countries and in their currencies.

What this means is that a US bank account number or a UK bank account number will be created for you. The affiliate programs pay you through any of these accounts which you can cash in Nigeria.

I will write in detail how you can create a Payoneer account, free of charge. Just stick with me.

I will hold your hand and we will make this affiliate money together.

This internet money, we must make it.


These are not the exhaustive steps. However, for a beginner, you can have an idea what this is about through these steps.

You do not need an information overload. I imagine myself in your shoes. And I only tell you what I would like to be told myself at this point.

We will get there, and you will be alright.

So, these are my thoughts for you Nigerians, your step by step guide on how to make money through affiliate marketing in 2021.

Kindly drop your comments and share your ideas below. I will be here reading, replying and sharing.

Thank you for your time.

I am humbly yours,


Author: Blaise Ezeokeke

Blaise Ezeokeke graduated with First Class Honours in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He is the Lead Content Creator at the Centre for Migration Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. His debut novel, Last Declaration, exposes the strategies and methods of Nigerian internet scammers and drug traffickers in Malaysia, which country has since become an operational base for these criminals. Blaise is the President of Nagouna International, a business consulting, retailing, internet marketing and project management firm based in Abuja, Nigeria. He loves to share his knowledge to help young Africans advance financially. Email him at:

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